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My Dear Miss Wagner

For many years now, we have been colleagues in the Dead Letter Office.  Throughout countless shared hours collating poorly addressed mail, I have admired your superior knowledge of the gentle art of letter-writing.

It is, therefore, with great deference that I request your assistance in a matter which is most dear to my heart.  It troubles me that the well-crafted letter is fast being usurped by more abrupt and, yes, more vulgar means of communication.

It comes to mind that a simple guide to the art of the letter, accompanied by a compendium of exemplars, might go some way towards instructing the minds of young gentlemen and ladies in the joys of letter-writing.  I have thus set out to compile such a guide.  I would be most thankful if you joined me and lent your skills to such a task.

I trust that such a project will not be too taxing on you.  I would consider it a great honour if you would join me in such a venture.


with the greatest respect & c.

Miss Beeton


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