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This is a letter written by Miss Wagner during our writing workshop. We had to write to our favourite book or movie character. Miss Wagner chose a lady very dear to her heart.

Anne of Green Gables, 42 Lane Drive, Ingleside CA 7234

Dear Anne,

How much joy you gave me in my early years. Purely by virtue of our hair colour, we were both teased at school – yet both grew up to be alluring, accomplished women.

Unlike you, I was not an orphan – it always seemed rather glamorous but I can’t imagine it was easy. You had a wonderful life, but you did endure somehardships – losing one of your most precious sons in World War II.

Anne, do you have any advice as to how I might secure myself a doctor for a husband? I fear this seems overly forward. But economic considerations do play on my mind as I approach 40.

I admire you greatly and look forward to seeing what kind of moment achievements your family brings to the world over the coming years.

Your fervent admirer

Miss Dolores Wager


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