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The Hon Julia Gillard MP, PO Box 6022, House of Representatives, Parliament House, Canberra Vic 2600

To the Honourable Julia Gillard P.C., Prime Minister of Australia,

I was delighted to hear of your appointment and offer my sincere congratulations. It is heartening to see that a woman has finally been permitted to assume the highest office in the country.

Yet my initial excitement was dampened by your announcement about marriage policy. My love and I have been living together for nearly five years now and every so often, we are still hurt by the malicious whisperings of those who condemn our union as unnatural.  By refusing to recognise us, the Government seems to be lending credence to those intolerable wretches.

I pray you, will you not reconsider your position?   

I remain (for now) your humble and obedient servant,

Miss Wagner


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