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Miss Beeton and Miss Wagner would love to invite you to a genteel letter-writing workshop.  Please do come along!

Dear fellow letter-writers, supporters and friends,

Ethel May Beeton and Dolores Wagner are proud to announce that their up-coming letter-writing workshop has been profiled in the Heidelberg Leader. We trust that the accompanying image does not make us appear overly stern. We remain, as always, firm but kind.

We would love you to join us on 28 and 29 August 2010 at Ivanhoe Library for the Lost Arts Festival. Our workshops will commence at 11am and 3pm on Saturday and 2pm and 4pm on Sunday. Stationery, pens, postbox, and a genteel environment conducive to letter-writing, will all be provided. Do come if you can!

There are many other worthy offerings at the Lost Arts Festival. The full program is here: http://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Assets/Files/2855%20BAN%20LArts%20program_JUL26b.pdf

We remain, dear friends, yours truly.

Ethel May Beeton and Dolores Wagner


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Miss Beeton and Miss Wagner are concerned that they might share their thoughts on letter-writing with a wider audience.  With this in mind, they attempt to publicise their cause with a letter of introduction.

Miss Ethel May Beeton and Miss Dolores Wagner humbly request that you accept this letter of introduction.  Miss Beeton and Miss Wagner are compiling a treatise on the proper forms of all correspondence — love letters, letters of friendship, letters of complaint, letters of reproach & C.  As employees of the Dead Letter Office, Miss Beeton and Miss Wagner are skilled in the art of epistolary etiquette.  They offer their services to any who have doubts as to the proper formation of a letter, or who are simply too busy to attend to their letter-writing obligations. 

They request that you might make them known as worthy people to those who share an interst in the epistolary arts.  If your introduction extended so far as to display the attached information in your fine establishment, they would be very much obliged.

Believe us, dear …

to be, Yours Truly,

E M Beeton and D Wagner

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