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Miss Beeton hereby revokes the doubts she cast on the character of Mr Lawrie.  It appears that he is indeed a true gentleman.

My dearest Miss Beeton

I poured for some days over whether I might risk being so forward as to write to you as ‘my dear Eth-May’.

However, my fear of being seen as perhaps too forward, too presumptious, too un-gentlemanly outweighed my intense desire to become quite informal with you.

You see, Miss Beeton, this last little while has seen me quite overwhelmed at times with your passion for the world around us.  So, without further hesitation, I am singularly delighted to indeed confirm that you too hold a special place in my heart.

I have barely an inch of your artistic talents, Miss Beeton, but as a humble response to your most fetching portraiture, I offer you the below representation.

Yours Always

Ebenezer Fortescue Lawrie


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Letter from a lady to an admirer, enclosing a miniature portrait

Emboldened by Miss Wagner’s found letter from Eliza to Frederique, I ventured to write to Mr Lawrie, who as I state, has a special place in my heart.  Unfortunately, he has now violated one of the key rules of letter-writing: the letter-recipient should reply if possible within 24 hours of receipt of a personal letter. How common it is to see this rule neglected in present society!  Perhaps I might revise my estimation of his gentlemanliness.

Dear Mr Lawrie

How might I begin to write of the deep regard that I hold for you?  On our recent outing to the snow, I confess I was taken by the boldness of your telemark turns and the vigour of your skiing!  And yet, this is but one of example of the sincere pleasure that I take in your company.  Spent with you, hours pass as if they are mere minutes.  Your enquiring mind and lively conversation are a constant source of delight for me.  I think often of our time together, and look forward to your presence each time we part.

May I be so bold as to confess that you hold a special place in my heart?  I hope only that your feelings towards me are similar.

Humble as it is, I enclose a miniature of myself as a token of my enduring affection.  I hope that you might keep it with you and think of me often.

Please write, my dear Mr Lawrie.

Ever yours.

Ethel May Beeton


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