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Dear Ms Beaton and Ms Wagner,

Firstly, I must ask for your forgiveness, as I have not been educated in the art of ‘good and proper’ letter writing given my humble beginnings into this world. I do hope my innocent attempt does not insult you. You have inspired me on this very day when I attended your workshop at the Ivanhoe library. Your grace and wit was a delight to hear. My long-suffering ears are punished with the bawdiness of the drinking houses since childhood and letter writing was far from conversation. Your knowledge of etiquette, your grace of sharing has left me with a longing to practice this art form. I wish to thank you also for the eloquent setting and music. Those beautiful lace table pieces (which I have dreamed of owning instead of washing and ironing them for others) somehow added to the beauty of our meeting. I do hope my humble letter meets with your approval. May your days be filled with future adventures at the DLO.

Sincerely Yours

Ms Rosemary Blanch


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Miss Beeton and Miss Wagner would love to invite you to a genteel letter-writing workshop.  Please do come along!

Dear fellow letter-writers, supporters and friends,

Ethel May Beeton and Dolores Wagner are proud to announce that their up-coming letter-writing workshop has been profiled in the Heidelberg Leader. We trust that the accompanying image does not make us appear overly stern. We remain, as always, firm but kind.

We would love you to join us on 28 and 29 August 2010 at Ivanhoe Library for the Lost Arts Festival. Our workshops will commence at 11am and 3pm on Saturday and 2pm and 4pm on Sunday. Stationery, pens, postbox, and a genteel environment conducive to letter-writing, will all be provided. Do come if you can!

There are many other worthy offerings at the Lost Arts Festival. The full program is here: http://www.banyule.vic.gov.au/Assets/Files/2855%20BAN%20LArts%20program_JUL26b.pdf

We remain, dear friends, yours truly.

Ethel May Beeton and Dolores Wagner

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Dear gentile Ms Beaton and gracious Ms Wagner,

I submit my humble comments for your esteemed consideration.

Far be it for me to say, given the limited knowledge I have of activities involving cursive embellishment, but the idea you both have struck upon, namely, to revive and represent for us modern consumers the humble and creative art of correspondence is, quite lovely.

Given my enthusiasm for your endeavour, I felt the inclination to write to you of my enthusiasm. I have to say, your little initiative is infections.

I sincerely wish you both the utmost of success, and please feel free to write me of future excursions and happenings of the Dead Letter Office.

My warmest regards,

Sir Walter Really

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